Global MSP and VMS

As your strategic partner, KellyOCG will help build your contingent workforce into a differentiating, competitive asset. A sound workforce strategy is not limited to reducing costs, increased spend visibility, and compliance. Now more than ever, it’s about accessing critical skill sets.

Since 1996, our global Managed Service Provider (MSP) practice has delivered service excellence and outstanding business results driven by the following advantages: 

  • Expertise to leverage the right mix of suppliers for your required skill sets and work environments
  • Supply chain intelligence that provides insights to various outsourced talent options and supports just-in-time delivery of labor, saving you time and money
  • Strategic change leadership to motivate commitment throughout all organizational levels and accelerate program adoption and return on investment.

Vendor Management System (VMS)

Our strategic technology partnerships provide the flexibility and expertise needed to integrate any variety of third-party vendor management system tools with your existing systems. We will provide counsel on the best technology to fit your needs.

Supplier Partners are Key

Our global supplier network enables us to provide clients with the highest quality and diversity of talent across all categories, and features the following:

  • Active network of more than 2,100 suppliers
  • Engaged network of nearly than 4,600 suppliers
  • Access to talent in more than 40 countries

Learn more about our Global Supplier Relations strategy.

For Suppliers

If you could benefit from partnering with a leading Managed Service Provider to gain access to some of the world's most respected companies, look no further. Suppliers recognize KellyOCG as a leader in workforce management solutions - for our steadfast commitment to your feedback, performance, and success in delivering the best quality candidates at highly competitive rates.

For further information on how a partnership with KellyOCG could directly benefit your organization as a staffing supplier, please contact us via email at or complete our workforce supplier registration.


To consult with one of our solutions architects, contact us today!
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To consult with one of our solutions architects, contact us today!
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