As more and more competition for the best talent enters the market, how do you stand out as the organization they want to work for?  What workforce solutions do you have in place to proactively engage all types of talent to meet your business goals?  For the clients below, KellyOCG has designed solutions that deliver the best talent to ensure the organizations they engage with retain their competitive market position.


RPO - 14000 qualified employees hiredInitial Challenge:Our client operates in a very competitive environment and requires a partner that brings both industry-wide and local expertise to ensure they are getting the best talent in this safety focused, competitive environment.

Quantified Results and Detail: What started as decentralized field based needs has grown into a partnership that includes multiple countries and a full end-to-end RPO solution that covers virtually all positions. We have created specialized sourcing plans and formal sourcing escalation by utilizing market analytics and a team of nearly 70 experts.
RPO Reduced turnover by 40 percentInitial Challenge:  Our client has a large facility in a highly competitive area for seasonal workers and needed 1,000 workers for six months each year. If they could not find the talent, they were at risk of losing one of their major clients.

Quantified Results and Detail:  KellyOCG designed a solution which includes dedicated talent for sourcing, recruiting, assessments, and community outreach. Through the nurturing of the supply chain of talent, we developed a solution that keeps the facility at optimal functionality, with more than 1,200 workers.

MSP - 94 percent supplier utilizationInitial Challenge: One of our clients, in a highly competitive industry was experiencing increased expectations from the business and they needed better control of their spend and processes as they were unsure where they had workers.

Quantified Results and Detail: KellyOCG designed a solution that included access to contingent workers, independent contractors, service providers and also had a payroll solution component. In addition to cost savings of 10% based on efficiencies and a supplier utilization rate up 32%, the client has visibility into their workforce with a clear view of how, when, and why they hire.
BPO  10 years of expertiseInitial Challenge:With rapid advances in medical devices, our client needed a customized contact center to support their devices.

Quantified Results and Detail: KellyOCG architected and delivered a solution that included the provision of high-caliber, medically trained contact center talent. The solution designed required emphasis on contact center consultant quality and technical skills, while aiming to reduce response and case resolution time. Today, with talent with an average of 10+ years medical experience, we manage 23,000 calls annually, with a 95% service level attainment, <2% abandonment rate, and >70% utilization.