Further than risk, has your organization evaluated the actual cost of not operating within a compliant process for acquiring talent?  What is the value of engaging a partner that understands the operational complexities in the countries in which you operate?   For the clients below, KellyOCG has designed solutions that take the pain out of compliance.


RPO - 200 hires first monthInitial Challenge: An organization in APAC was looking for a partner to outsource part of their HR shared center in South and Southeast Asia to.

Quantified Results and Detail: Cultural assimilation was key to the success of this program. We created a solution that included scalable resources and onsite recruiting support across seven countries. Critical to the delivery of this program was the creation of refined and compliant processes and then managing the program to those expectations.
MSP - 99 percent compliantInitial Challenge:  Our client has a strong focus on compliance and required a managed solution across 62 locations and 10 labor categories. The scope included contingent labor and service providers.

Quantified Results and Detail:  Working in partnership with an emphasis on joint governance, we designed a solution that standardized and streamlined the engagement of the external workforce. To date, orders are 100% competitively bid, we have reduced the number of technologies utilized by 50%, and we are meeting or exceeding all SLAs.

BPO - Compliance and retentionInitial Challenge: A prospective client was having difficulty attracting and maintaining long term data management expertise in a remote area (low supply). Employment compliance, due to European law change, made it even more problematic.

Quantified Results and Detail: We used our Kelly branches in Belgium, The Netherlands, and France and leveraged our supply chain partners across Europe to assist. We also used our sourcing expertise in the Philippines for data mining. We assigned a single point of contact for recruitment that reviewed all profiles to ensure fit for purpose talent. KellyOCG is integrated onsite into the business performing an essential function that was once core; delivering nearly 100% retention at a 20% cost savings.