Think about your workforce solutions that you have in place today.  How they have evolved to continue to bring your organization the value and efficiencies that are required to remain competitive?  For the clients below, KellyOCG has designed solutions that focus on making improvements today and every day.


RPO - Reduced cycle time by 69 percentInitial Challenge:Our client or more than a decade operates within a highly competitive environment with evolving economic drivers.

Quantified Results and Detail: With a focus on sustainable global results, we have reduced cost per hire from $10,847 to as low as $3,300. Indirect savings includes a reduction in cycle time from 115 days to 37 days. Fill rates have also improved from 74% to 95%.
MSP - Evolution of Talent RoadmapInitial Challenge:  A long-term client, where we were managing their contingent labor solution, was experiencing difficulties with internal procurement resources to manage their SOW engagements.

Quantified Results and Detail:  We discovered that many projects requiring SOWs were being provided without an agreement, lacking critical terms and conditions. There was no consistency in project pricing or visibility. KellyOCG onboarded 58 service providers, and reclassified $715k in rogue spending across 29 projects within the first two months.

BPO - Worst to firstInitial Challenge: The client was seeking to deploy best practices for safety and efficiency that would drive related quality improvements and cost savings across its major parts distribution facilities. The client had previously engaged other BPO providers, but none could achieve the client’s mandated performance metrics.

Quantified Results and Detail:KellyOCG audited established best practices to enhance the distribution operations. We provided 100% of the talent and the processes needed to comply with the client’s strict performance measurements. Metrics were focused on cost savings, sales targets, cost of services, gross profit, expenses, contribution, and percentage contribution. The performance of the facility went from being the client’s worst to their top performing location.