As organizations are being tasked with operating more efficiently and in managing costs, have you evaluated the cost opportunities associated with your full time and external workforce?  What would millions of dollars mean to your bottom line?  For the clients below, KellyOCG has designed solutions that manage costs, while delivering the customized workforce solution they needed.


cost - 600 per hireInitial Challenge: One of our clients needed to expand their contact center into Guatemala, where they did not have an established footprint. The talent needed to be bi-lingual and the local area unemployment rate was at 3.2%.

Quantified Results and Detail: New, customized hiring technology was implemented to support the program and the newly designed processes. KellyOCG established a brick and mortar location and hired nearly 300 employees for our client in the first seven months.
RPO - Reduced cost my nearly 60 percentInitial Challenge:  A global client was experiencing challenges in hiring the full time talent required to be competitive. They had an exempt cost per hire of $9,290, with a 115 day cycle time and a 74% fill rate.

Quantified Results and Detail:  We refined their hiring process and implemented an internet-based ATS to allow for automation and candidate self-scheduling. Through our solution, their cost per hire decreased to $3,900, with a 95% fill rate and a reduction in cycle time of 60%.

2 M in savingsInitial Challenge: Our client needed a global talent strategy and more insight into modernizing the way they engaged their external workforce.

Quantified Results and Detail: In addition to creating a solution with access to contingent labor and independent contractors, KellyOCG also designed a talent pool solution to retain their intellectual capital. On average 90% of retirees joined the talent pool at any given time more than 50% are engaged on active projects.
0 percent errorInitial Challenge: A client needed to effectively drive safety, quality, cost control, and efficiency improvements at two of its major production and warehouse facilities that fed their entire North American distribution network.

Quantified Results and Detail: KellyOCG offered expertise in applying Lean Six Sigma principals to create refined processes. KellyOCG is responsible for sourcing, implementing, and the administration of all technical programs and the work outcomes of all site functions. First year cost savings totaled nearly $1M, preventative maintenance rates improved from 60% to 100%, and error rates dropped from to 0%.