How much does it cost your organization to not have the best talent on the market for key roles?  Do you think it takes longer to attract and engage the highest quality resources?  For the clients below, KellyOCG has designed solutions that ensure our clients have the quality workforce needed to deliver on their clients demands.


RPO - interview to hire ratioInitial Challenge:One of our clients looked to KellyOCG to consult on the optimal site for a new high-touch specialized contact center. They needed to hire 55 highly trained employees within 90 days.

Quantified Results and Detail: Through the use of talent analytics, we recommended a location that would allow them to secure the talent full-time at a cost competitive wage. Our solution reduced the cycle time by 50% and saved the client $441,000 over typical placement fees.
MSP - Exceeded cost savings targets by 20 percentInitial Challenge:  Our client needed to optimize their talent supply chain to engage top external talent in support of their goal to the best company within their industry in North America.

Quantified Results and Detail:  KellyOCG designed an MSP solution that delivers supply chain excellence, accelerated access to the highest quality talent and risk mitigation by providing safe access to a dynamic supplier portfolio. We have decreased cycle time by 42% and rationalized the supply base by 20%.

BPO - Onshore valueInitial Challenge:A Fortune 100 client, in cost reduction mode, was faced with international environmental litigation requiring collection and review of approximately 10 million documents. The in-house legal department considered a low cost “off-shore” option, however, there were potential export control issues.

Quantified Results and Detail:
Since the programs launch, supplier optimization has driven a more competitive rate card and the transparency allowed for the analysis of time-to-hire durations to increase efficiency. Additionally, we have reduced their invoicing burden from one week to less than one day.