In today’s highly competitive talent landscape, how much are those delays in acquiring top talent costing you? How would you like to increase your productivity by 300% because you have the right talent when you need it? For the clients below, KellyOCG has designed solutions that enable them to beat the competition to high caliber talent.


97 percent of positions filledInitial Challenge: Client was ramping up for a big product launch and needed to hire 900 professionals.

Quantified Results and Detail: KellyOCG quickly scaled 65 top recruiters to engage the required 550 sales hires within six weeks, with a ramp up to 90 resources for the five weeks hire 350 hard to fill positions; on budget and on-time.     
RPO - 1st hire in 30 days

Initial Challenge:  Our client needed to hire a large volume of sales professionals across Indonesia and the Philippines. 

Quantified Results and Detail:  KellyOCG assembled high-touch resources in Manila and Jakarta and defined the employer value proposition that would attract top talent.More than 1,000 sales professionals have been hired by our client through our seamless approach with their internal team.     

MSP Decrease time to hireInitial Challenge: A global client that offers project-specific solutions to its own customers required a talent solution that would allow them to quickly engage highly qualified talent across a range of work functions. Ongoing access to talent and reliable market intelligence would ensure organic growth throughout its global footprint.

Quantified Results and Detail: Since the programs launch, supplier optimization has driven a more competitive rate card and the transparency allowed for the analysis of time-to-hire durations to increase efficiency. Additionally, we have reduced their invoicing burden from one week to less than one day.
BPO triple productivityInitial Challenge: Under the labor model they were using, our client was seeing their accumulated skills and a significant investment in the development of their human capital regularly walk out the door.

Quantified Results and Detail: KellyOCG created an outsourced solution where we own the employment contract and are able to focus on retaining and developing the talent. This bold transformation has allowed our client to achieve significant productivity improvements, with initial clinical submissions taking 14 days, down to seven days at year one and down to just four days within two years.