Does your organization have the internal resources to design and execute a compliant global workforce solution?  Have you considered the valuable insight that comes with engaging a trusted advisor to enable your success?  For the clients below, KellyOCG has designed solutions that supports strategic alignment across both our organizations to create forward momentum in their business.


RPO - Reduced process stepsInitial Challenge:Our client had longstanding inefficiencies within their talent acquisition process. This resulted in a low volume and poor quality candidates, and increased the cycle time; impacted their profitability.

Quantified Results and Detail: Through a strong alignment and governance strategy with our client and the implementation of our LEAN recommendations, KellyOCG generated $1.6M in initial cost savings and more importantly, improved their employer brand by having an easier to navigate process.
MSP - 16 firms aligned

Initial Challenge:  A strong approach to program governance was required as we worked with a long time MSP client that wanted to include high end IT supplier management within their program.

Quantified Results and Detail:  Through the establishment of supplier engagement summits and also meeting with the firms and their key client user groups to onboard them into the program, we were able to provide improved visibility into offshore and time-and-materials based IT project activities.

BPO  Reduce admin burdenInitial Challenge:One of our long term oil and gas partners was looking to establish cost-effective procedures to increase the capabilities and output of their highly specialized business operations.

Quantified Results and Detail:KellyOCG found that by cross-training the existing teams, they could establish a more versatile workforce that could be deployed according to business needs, rather than increasing laboratory technician headcount. Through increased efficiency, the amount of time required by the client’s middle management team has been reduced by approximately 40% and saved more than $250,000 per year. They also benefited through the up skilling of their current talent, reduced attrition, and reduced risk within their extremely safety focused environment.