Managed Service Provider

Solution Overview

We optimize our clients’ contingent labor strategies. Through our MSP solution, we help organizations effectively manage the external workforce, which can account for one-third of their talent. We understand the challenges that our clients face—from unpredictable change and unrelenting competition to the seismic shifts in workforce demographics and work style preferences—and we convert those challenges into competitive advantage that positively impacts their bottom line. By applying workforce insights and a customized architecture, we focus on enabling our clients to reach their strategic goals.

Our comprehensive contingent workforce outsourcing solutions include:

  • Contingent Labor
  • Statement of Work
  • Independent Contractor (IC) Solutions
  • RFx Management
  • Professional Payroll Services
  • Talent Pool Management

Delivering Value


speed - decrease time to hire

Initial Challenge:  A global client that offers project-specific solutions to its own customers required a talent solution that would allow them to quickly engage highly qualified talent across a range of work functions. Ongoing access to talent and reliable market intelligence would ensure organic growth throughout its global footprint.

Quantified Results and Detail:  Since the programs launch, supplier optimization has driven a more competitive rate card and the transparency allowed for the analysis of time-to-hire durations to increase efficiency. Additionally, we have reduced their invoicing burden from one week to less than one day.

compliance - 99 percent Initial Challenge: Our client has a strong focus on compliance and required a managed solution across 62 locations and 10 labor categories. The scope included contingent labor and service providers.

Quantified Results and Detail: Working in partnership with an emphasis on joint governance, we designed a solution that standardized and streamlined the engagement of the external workforce. To date, orders are 100% competitively bid, we have reduced the number of technologies utilized by 50%, and we are meeting or exceeding all SLAs.
cost - 2m in savings

Initial Challenge: Our client needed a global talent strategy and more insight into modernizing the way they engaged their external workforce.

Quantified Results and Detail: In addition to creating a solution with access to contingent labor and independent contractors, KellyOCG also designed a talent pool solution to retain their intellectual capital. On average, 90% of retirees joined the talent pool at any given time more than 50% are engaged on active projects.


quality - exceded costs savings Initial Challenge: Our client needed to optimize their talent supply chain to engage top external talent in support of their goal to the best company within their industry in North America.

Quantified Results and Detail: KellyOCG designed an MSP solution that delivers supply chain excellence, accelerated access to the highest quality talent and risk mitigation by providing safe access to a dynamic supplier portfolio. We have decreased cycle time by 42% and rationalized the supply base by 20%.
alignment - 16 strategic firms aligned Initial Challenge: A strong approach to program governance was required as we worked with a long time MSP client that wanted to include high end IT supplier management within their program.

Quantified Results and Detail: Through the establishment of supplier engagement summits and also meeting with the firms and their key client user groups to onboard them into the program, we were able to provide improved visibility into offshore and time-and-materials based IT project activities.
competition - 94 percent supplier utilization Initial Challenge: One of our clients, in a highly competitive industry was experiencing increased expectations from the business and they needed better control of their spend and processes as they were unsure where they had workers.

Quantified Results and Detail: KellyOCG designed a solution that included access to contingent workers, independent contractors, service providers and also had a payroll solution component. In addition to cost savings of 10% based on efficiencies and a supplier utilization rate up 32%, the client has visibility into their workforce with a clear view of how, when, and why they hire.
improvment - external talent roadmap Initial Challenge: A long-term client, where we were managing their contingent labor solution, was experiencing difficulties with internal procurement resources to manage their SOW engagements.

Quantified Results and Detail: We discovered that many projects requiring SOWs were being provided without an agreement, lacking critical terms and conditions. There was no consistency in project pricing or visibility. KellyOCG onboarded 58 service providers, and reclassified $715k in rogue spending across 29 projects within the first two months.

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