Advanced manufacturing is taking yet another leap into an industrial revolution of digitization. Triggered by development in emerging markets, the accelerated rise of new technologies, sustainability policies, and customer experience expectations—the future of manufacturing faces significant changes. How fast the industry will transform is debatable, but it’s expected that those companies that recognize and leverage new digital opportunities, will emerge as leaders.

The skill sets needed on the manufacturing factory floor are changing as key trends converge and business models shift to accommodate them. New roles will surface, and a significant number of traditional positions will disappear. Technology skills—from software engineering to digital marketing—are at the heart of manufacturing’s transformation.

Industrial & Manufacturing: By the Numbers

The manufacturing unemployment rate is at a record-low

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, December, 2017

Promising Efficiency Gains

Digital factories predicted to reduce cost in almost all operations functions

Promising Efficiency Gains
Source: Roland Berger - Automotive Manufacturing Goes Digital, 2016

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