The Art of The Possible: Navigating Through the Noise

A roundup of key topics at SIA’s CWS Summit and Gig Economy events.

September 05, 2017

With the SIA’s CWS Summit and Gig Economy events on the horizon, KellyOCG’s John Healy cuts through the noise to discuss the key issues he hopes to be debating next week.

We are surrounded by change. Technology is disrupting the status quo of our industry so consistently that change has become the new normal. The wave of digital disruption shows no sign of slowing and dealing with the fallout of this evolution is no longer a choice but a necessity.

This rapid march of progress brings with it great opportunity, suddenly all is possible and this leaves us both excited and overwhelmed. We are pulled in every direction and it is easy to explore lots and achieve little.

The art of the possible helps us narrow our gaze - the philosophy bringing a pragmatic, simplicity to our approach. We must move forward smartly, using our knowledge to carve a path that, while not always perfect, provides us the most value based on current expertise.

I want to take a moment to slow the focus, to tune out the noise and concentrate on the key issues I see around us. These are the issues I am genuinely looking forward to debating with my industry colleagues at the upcoming events in Dallas.   

Automation and the link to Corporate Social Responsibility

AI and automation aren’t coming - they are here. The technology is fascinating – the implications for productivity and efficiency magnificent. It’s far too easy, though, to lose the human in this equation. At every level of the industry, we have a responsibility to consider the implications this new technology will have on workforce planning and the people within our organizations and prioritize these discussions.

Being an Early Adopter

In a world of such constant change, too many organizations are being paralyzed by indecision or fear of the unknown. This is no longer an option if you want to succeed. Being an early adopter, an innovator and embracing the benefits of new technology are essential to being an effective business partner and, in many cases, survival.

The Changing Supplier Equation  

Innovation tends to come from the front lines, and in our business, that means the workforce and the suppliers who identify, develop and employ them. New business models, the platform economy, the migration to outcome based services – all recent innovations that came from suppliers. What are you doing to learn from your supply base about the next innovation to extract value from your talent supply chain?

The Value of Collaboration

In a world in flux it may feel like it’s every organisation for themselves but is this really the key to success? Our strength is, in many ways, dependent on the sharing of our expertise. Of course, this doesn’t mean that competition disappears but sometimes collaboration makes us all stronger when it comes to dealing with rapid change.

Our future is uncertain. Our industry growing and evolving at an unprecedented rate. Make sure you aren’t left behind. KellyOCG is here to both share and to learn, bringing an open mind, experience, and expertise to the issues that matter.

Reach out to me on LinkedIn to share your opinion or find out more. I look forward to connecting with you at the CWS Summit and/or the Collaboration in the Gig Economy events!

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