View from CWS Summit Europe 2018 – Day 1

KellyOCG’s Sam Smith shares her first impressions of one of this year’s most anticipated industry events.

By Sam Smith, Global Vice President, Life Sciences & Healthcare  |  April 25, 2018

I feel very lucky to be part of the CWS Summit Europe 2018. From the very start of day one, the atmosphere here has been electric. I think this is, in large part, down to the hugely diverse and engaged crowd in attendance. Their energy level is amazing, and I can’t wait to see how the event progresses. It really is a pleasure to be here and have the opportunity to interact with so many fantastic industry colleagues.

Hanging Out with KellyOCG

The KellyOCG booth has been a hive of activity with delegates stopping by to talk talent, SOW and to enjoy a free donut or two! I have had fascinating conversations with some well-known faces as well as making a host of new connections. I’m thrilled by how many people have popped in to talk to us and share their insights.

We have also had KellyOCG experts dropping in to run specially created hangouts on the subjects affecting the contingent world right now. From Operationalising Total Talent Management with Adelle Harrington to Driving High-Value Benefits from SOW Supply Chains with Dave Elliot-Smith, the sessions so far have been incredibly well received. I’m even getting in on the action tomorrow, with a session called Data data everywhere but not a byte to eat.

Talking Talent

There are some highly progressive thought leaders in attendance this year as well as a host of industry colleagues sharing their unique viewpoints on the issues that matter. Two of the subjects that seem to be on everybody’s minds right now are total talent management and AI. These two pressing issues are rapidly becoming a key part of the talent landscape and one that progressive organisations can’t afford to ignore. Here are my brief thoughts on these two important talking points:

Total Talent Management 

Everybody is talking about total talent management, but what are the key ingredients for TTM success? For me, it’s about taking a holistic approach and looking at total talent management in relation to business output. Organisations also need to look at accepting talent from a broad range of mediums, be that freelance or permanent individuals, becoming more open to non-traditional ways of working. Finally, it’s about making better choices when thinking about engaging different parts of their business with talent and doing this with the support of smart, streamlined technology and procedures.


AI is on everyone’s agenda. People are investing in it, they are testing it within their own business but it’s not quite clear yet what the best ways are to leverage this new tech. And that is provoking some really interesting debates. AI is also something KellyOCG is passionate about and we are beginning to test and implement AI technology, including chatbots, within strategic areas of our business. AI is set to become a fascinating part of the future of talent and I’m excited to see how this area develops over the next few years.

I’m sure this year’s CWS Summit Europe has lots more in store for us! If you’re around over the next couple of days, don’t be a stranger! Come and say hello at booth four to find out more about KellyOCG, join one of our popular hangout sessions or just talk talent. I look forward to connecting with you.

Sam Smith is Vice President of Global Solutions in EMEA and Strategic Sales Lead for KellyOCG. She works closely with clients to bridge the “talent agility gap” with innovative and sustainable workforce solutions.

CWS Summit Europe is the premier conference for HR & Procurement professionals across Europe. Geared towards collaboration and innovation, the conference provides the opportunity for industry colleagues across the contingent talent community to learn, network, benchmark, and evolve.

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