The Human Cloud: Are You Ignoring The Talent You Need?

Where did all the good people go?

September 28, 2018

That’s the cry of hiring managers around the globe. The search for talent has never been tougher. The competition is fierce. And as they look over a growing pile of unfilled positions, it’s easy to think that talent has just up and left the party. The truth is, that a huge swath of talented people have left the party. Not only have they left the party, they aren’t returning your calls and have taken to crossing the street when they see you coming their way.

This talent pool isn’t sending their resumes into traditional agencies or scrolling the usual jobs boards. They have chosen to work entirely on their own terms. They are part of the human cloud. And boy does the sun shine brighter up there. Better pay, greater flexibility, and interesting projects – it is little wonder that non-traditional platforms are attracting some of the best and boldest. It’s not just work, it’s a lifestyle choice.

But for some organizations, this is rendering huge parts of the talent pool invisible. The platforms and communities that this coveted talent chooses to be a part of are simply not on their radar. They are, perhaps unconsciously, ignoring the talent they need.    

The Future Is In The Cloud

We are looking at a future where as much as 50% of the workforce could soon become part of the gig economy and, with it, a part of the ever-expanding human cloud. It’s not something that any of us can afford to ignore. And this isn’t a subset of a handful of industries. Or a few millennials kicking against tradition. These are talented workers than span generations. From every industry. Engineers. Scientists. Consultants. IT Specialists. The people with the expertise that drives your organization’s progress. They have gone where they can work on their terms, and you need to find a way to get there right along with them.

The Problem With Platforms

Ok, so you know you need to access some of this much-hyped talent that resides in the human cloud. Where do you go? Which platform do you choose? How about BTG? Or perhaps you need something more specialized, a minor tech platform with a focus on your niche? There are thousands of crowdsourcing and human platforms out there. And even if you can get your head around the mind-bending volume and focus on who and what you need, many are not positioned to easily plug-and-play into an organization. By design, they encourage a 1-on-1 worker-hiring manager experience. That hiring manager can logon to find the type of talent they need right now.

Although simply logging on and exploring may seem like a great solution on paper, what does that do to your data collection? Your risk and compliance program? To your carefully-honed processes? You may have found the human cloud, but it’s easy to lose the visibility you need if you don’t integrate these platforms in the right way.  

At KellyOCG, we start with the work. What needs to get done?  A simple question. Our answer is to use this guiding principle and our extensive talent supply chain knowledge to seamlessly integrate human cloud supply channels into your business. Allowing you to access the talent you need without compromising on rigorous compliance, integrated processes or comprehensive data collection. Buying into the cloud may be complex, but with the right expertise, it can reap measurable business value.

The human cloud may be big, and it may be scary. But it needs to be part of your business. And if it isn’t, you run the risk of being left behind.  

Be A Part Of The Cloud Conversation

Next week, I’ll be joining the KellyOCG team at CWS Summit North America, exploring the future of talent and hopefully connecting with many of you. Together with Troy Wasilefsky from Business Talent Group, I’ll also be hosting a series of lab sessions that ask “What’s Next?” when it comes to the human cloud and I would love for you to be part of the debate. The What’s Next Labs are open to all CWS buyer delegates. Come along to hospitality suite #1664 for something a little different. Together we all have the power to change the conversation and redefine the future of talent.

Thomas F. Kaminsky is Vice President of Talent Advisory Services for KellyOCG. With more than 30 years of human capital industry experience, Thomas is a sought-after thought leader and business practitioner focusing on transformational talent strategies. KellyOCG consulting services include talent supply chain design, workforce analytics, talent experience, employer branding, outplacement, diversity and inclusion.

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