When it comes to ‘borrowed’ talent, we know there is much more to a contingent workforce solution than just transactions. Our role is to understand the changing needs and expectations of contingent talent in your marketplace. Focusing on enabling contingent careers, whilst delivering against your core goals is our purpose. What matters most is that this talent is well-placed to deliver the right results for your organization. 

For clients worldwide, we guide and manage all categories of talent to strategically drive business growth. By applying labor market insight, workforce analytics, and supply chain management principles, we optimize labor spend, delivering access to service providers and quality talent at competitive rates and with minimized risk.

Managed Service Provider (MSP) 

A successful MSP program is about more than concentrating on cost. We balance careful spend under management with high-quality supplier partnerships. Our vendor-neutral philosophy means we are committed to only connecting you with suppliers who are the best fit for your organization. We carefully nurture and manage our supplier relationships to make sure we always have access to the best of the best talent in the marketplace. No other contingent workforce supplier has the same depth and breadth of partnership with their supplier network as KellyOCG—a network that includes suppliers who deliver services via the ‘human cloud'.

Statement of Work (SOW)

We will integrate your SOW spend as part of a total services supply chain management strategy to ensure effective delivery of critical skills, consultants, and other outside resources across your entire business. Our SOW capabilities include:

  • Consistent SOW Compliance
  • Process Consistency & Governance
  • SOW Lifecycle Administration & Management
  • Milestone/Deliverable Approval Adherence & Management
  • Worker On/Offboarding 
  • Reporting & Data Analytics
  • Supplier Rationalization & Optimization Strategy Recommendations
  • Supplier Scorecarding
  • Governance to Pricing Strategies (where applicable)
  • Visibility into Tactical and Tail Spend
  • SOW Cost Management
  • Procurement Category Expertise

Independent Contractors (IC)

KellyOCG minimizes your exposure to penalties associated with worker misclassification while improving your access to critical talent. Our IC capabilities include:

  • Evaluation, Consultation, & Recommendation of Worker Status
  • Completion of all Necessary Documentation
  • Onboarding & Administration of Outsourced Talent
  • Risk Assessment & Indemnification
  • Document Collection & Maintenance
  • Consolidated Invoicing, Pay Agent, & Spend Management Services
  • Flexible Payroll Options 
  • Issuing of 1099s on Behalf of the Client
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