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The unrelenting pace of change and pressure to innovate within the retail and consumer goods industry continues. Today’s connected consumer, with immediate access to information and high demand for customized engagement, creates challenges and opportunities for R&CG companies. The increase in consumer confidence and emerging markets are tailwinds for the industry, while slowing economies, regulatory pressure, and new market entrants may impede growth.  

Digital innovation in manufacturing and distribution, as well as the use of data analytics to drive strategic insights, is disrupting talent needs—and R&CG companies are now competing with tech firms for scarce digital skills. It’s imperative that companies understand what attracts and retains this much-needed talent category and to take advantage of opportunities to innovate and demonstrate progressiveness. 

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of retailers are worried about finding employees with the skills to handle an increasingly technology and data-driven business.

Source: SAP Survey Finds Retailers ‘Don’t Know Where New Skilled Managers Will Come From, Don’t See Required Skills Reflected in the Current Talent Pool,’ SAP, November 5, 2013.

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Well-established retailers are 21 percent more likely to report a talent shortage compared to internet-age retailers.

Source: Retail Talent Disrupted, Deloitte, 2016.


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