A CIO Perspective: Technology and Talent

A CIO Perspective: Technology and Talent

Do you have what it takes to lead through the digital era?

Digital transformation is now firmly established as a business critical activity. Failure to outflank your competitors through fast and smart, customer focussed digital tech will leave your company and potentially your career on the side-lines.

Tech talent is going to be critical to your success. It is concerning, then, that talent seems to be an issue for CIOs across the globe.  The 2016 Gartner CIO Agenda Survey found:

  • Talent was ranked as the number 1 barrier to success.
  • 66% of CIOs believed a scarcity of talent had reached ‘critical proportions’.
  • The biggest gaps in talent were in information and analytics (40%).
  • 47% of CIOs are not taking steps to innovate in talent management

More worryingly, the results of this type of survey have changed little in a decade. With the success of your organisation hinging on access to critical talent, now is the time for CIOs to step up and take the lead on this crucial issue.

The Talent Platform

Bimodal thinking is nothing new in the IT world and this is the perfect approach for building a modern and effective IT talent platform. By taking two clear vantage points; one focused on the application of technology innovation and the other on stability, it means that workforce planning can address your resource demands around digital transformation as well as the skills you require to “keep the lights on” as cost efficiently as possible. CIOs who fail to adopt a bimodal approach to resourcing will be left behind.

Leveraging Contingent Talent

Traditional models of recruitment don’t gel with the modern world of IT. IT contractors now make up a huge part of the gig economy and are increasingly shunning familiar working patterns for the benefits of flexible, project based work. This must be reflected in your talent strategy.

There will always be some key roles that ideally are filled by highly skilled and committed full time resources BUT, Contractors, Consultants, Service Providers, Human Cloud Consulting platforms, Universities and other bespoke talent pools are there to be identified and integrated into a supply chain that precisely meets your talent needs.   

Practical Tips for CIOs

With a huge number of organisations failing to leverage tech talent effectively the opportunities for commercial advantage are huge.

Stop being a statistic and start being a trail blazer. Use these tips to reimagine your approach to talent.

  1. Open your mind to the new realities of talent. Rather than bemoaning a lack of talent learn to look for it in the right places.
  2. Build your demand stack around an outcome/SOW based model and think about the skill-sets you need to deliver specific work packages, projects and outcomes.
  3. Create talent platforms that meet your unique needs and plug into high-quality contingent talent pools.
  4. Explore the human cloud as a large and essential resource to access important talent.
  5. Collaborate (and lead) across department boundaries to achieve true digital transformation.
  6. Consider customers, citizens, vendors, and partners as extensions (and digital accelerators) of your talent platform.
  7. Collaborate with universities and colleges on internships and graduate schemes to tap into the next gen of tech talent.
  8. Be a talent leader in every sense. Make trends rather than follow them.
  9. Consider IT talent from non-traditional sources. Reach out to other areas of the business, access apprentice schemes or military veteran programs.
  10. Access expert support – make sure your talent platform is optimised for your success.

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Make talent your number one priority today and ensure your digital transformation becomes a reality.