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Meet the leaders at The Ayers Group who bring decades of experience to helping organizations and people during times of transition.

Larry Fisher 

Vice President, Business Development

Larry is the Vice President and Practice Leader for the Ayers Group. He brings over 30 years of innovation and leadership in the human resources consulting space and is passionately committed to the continuous success of our clients and workforce.

Liana Gordon Kahn

Director, Executive Coaching and Development

Liana leads the EC&D practice at The Ayers Group, bringing fifteen years of experience in both corporate human resources and human capital consulting. She is dedicated to managing high quality executive coaching and development engagements, establishing and cultivating deep partnerships, and driving measurable success.

Maurine DeJesus

Client Engagement Manager and Lead Project Manager

Maurine is Client Engagement Manager and Lead Project Manager for the Ayers Group. She brings over 15 years of solid client and customer support experience to the human resources consulting team.

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