Innovative Sourcing Fueled by Talent Personification

Innovative Sourcing Fueled by Talent Personification

KellyOCG helps an upscale German hotel chain establish a pipeline of niche, highly-skilled, and culturally-aligned hospitality talent.

In Germany, quality hoteliers are often born and raised within the hospitality industry. They’ve seen their families run the business, and have gained first-hand experience throughout their lifetimes. This level of industry and cultural expertise is invaluable, and also incredibly scarce—making it challenging for new entrants to the local industry to attract the talent they need to be successful. And, with Germany listed as the third largest travel and tourism economy in the world, quality hospitality talent is poised to become even rarer.

Our German hotel customer was in need of additional skilled talent—and its internal recruitment capabilities weren’t yielding the quality candidates necessary to meet business growth and high-end customer service expectations.

The Company 

With a 90-year history in the region, the well-known, upscale hotel chain has 40 hotels located throughout Germany and Europe. 

The Challenge 

With a recent influx of tourism and a severe lack of hospitality talent, the German hotel chain was struggling to source skilled candidates that were also a good cultural fit.

The Solution

KellyOCG developed comprehensive candidate profiles and explored nontraditional recruitment avenues to target high-potential candidates.

The Result

KellyOCG helped the organization establish a robust pipeline of skilled hospitality talent. Other achievements included significant cost savings, a 25% reduction in time to hire, and more.

Our Value

  • Specialized cultural and industry expertise
  • Established pipeline of hospitality talent
  • Exceeded cost savings targets



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