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In today’s talent marketplace, you can’t afford to believe your talent program operates in a vacuum—nor can you afford to waste time when you need to make corrections to your course. 

At KellyOCG, we want our clients to have access to all the data they need in order to proactively make talent decisions that support their overall business objectives. Our Talent Supply Chain Analytics Portal provides a 360° view of not only your talent supply chain, but also the entire talent landscape—including the competition’s talent programs. Using our platform, you can benchmark your data against industry best practices and study the interrelationships between critical KPIs. 

Our superior reporting & insight capabilities include:

  • Rate Analysis
  • Supplier Optimization 
  • Order Efficiency 
  • Workforce Planning 

With our Talent Supply Chain Analytics Portal, you’re no longer confined to reactive adjustments based on after-the-fact insights. You can use the platform to make real-time course corrections, identify opportunities for improvement, and ensure alignment with your workforce plan. You’ll uncover actionable insights about your talent supply chains and access predictive capabilities that can be applied to drive better, more strategic business decisions. In short, you can transform your efficient talent supply chain into an effective talent program.

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