Workforce transformation

Talent acquisition has changed in fundamental ways due to shifts in global talent markets, skills shortages, new ways of working, and the growing importance of social media and employer brand. To compete, HR and talent acquisition teams must remain innovative—and KellyOCG has the workforce transformation expertise to help organizations do just that.

Across all of our workforce solutions, we leverage our expertise in the following areas to drive impactful transformation.

  • Talent Acquisition: We can provide an unbiased outside perspective that can help you gain a line of sight into the efficacy of your talent acquisition efforts—and offer recommendations for improvement.
  • Hiring Challenges/Process: We’ll ask the right questions to determine and remedy the underlying factors that might be hindering your organization’s ability to get the right candidates to accept your offers.
  • Employer Brand/EVP: Our team of experts can help you understand and be able to clearly and consistently convey your value as an employer to successfully support your talent acquisition and retention efforts.
  • Talent Communities: We can analyze your usage of talent communities and coach your talent acquisition team on how to best utilize these critical communities for building engagement, reaching passive candidates, and more.


Use the (work) force.

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