CEO Today: Banishing the stigma around contingent labor

CEO Today: Banishing the stigma around contingent labor

Originally published in CEO Today on June 7, 2022

Our 2022 KellyOCG Global Workforce Report – Re:work found that several issues are keeping leaders awake at night. However, the one that resonated the most across the globe was a greater need for workforce agility.

In a labor market plagued by talent scarcity and employee turnover, leading organizations are increasingly turning to contingent labor to provide the workforce flexibility and agility that leaders and candidates alike are searching for in the new world of work.

Although contingent workers provide employers with many significant benefits, our Re:work report reveals that some companies are still hesitant to tap into this growing pool of specialized talent.

KellyOCG President Tammy Browning explores in this CEO Today article what’s holding some organizations back from expanding their use of contingent talent and why a robust, contingent workforce strategy is increasingly crucial to business success.


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