Employee Experience Is Everything in a Post-Pandemic World

Employee Experience Is Everything in a Post-Pandemic World

Originally published by HRNews on Sept. 13, 2021

The UK is facing significant hiring challenges right now and being able to attract, engage, and keep hold of great talent has never been tougher. But whether you’re engaging contingent or permanent workers, employee experience should be at the center of your workforce strategy and, in a competitive talent market, it’s not something you can afford to overlook.

In a recent article for HRNews, Sam Smith explores the importance of employee experience while sharing practical tips on changes businesses can make to improve experiences for all workers.

Sam also takes a closer look at findings from the 2021 KellyOCG Global Workforce Agility Report and explores how Vanguards – organizations that have reported better financial results and employee wellbeing levels over the last year – have put employee experience at the top of their priority list.

Read the article now and discover why looking to the past on employee experience could see some organizations left behind.


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