Healthcare Talent: Choosing the Right Contract Labor Provider

The right talent in the right place can (quite literally) save lives when we talk about hospitals and healthcare facilities.

By Scott Stone, Senior Director, Global Solutions, KellyOCG

The right talent in the right place can (quite literally) save lives when we talk about hospitals and healthcare facilities. Ensuring that patients get access to the high-quality care they deserve. That’s not to mention the small army of non-clinical support staff it takes to keep a healthcare facility running smoothly. 70% of hospitals in the US are using some kind of MSP to manage their contract labor, but it’s vital to choose the right solution for your healthcare organization. The wrong provider can lead to a higher talent bill or see you failing to tap into the best talent available. Here are some of the things you should consider when choosing a contract labor provider.

Benchmarking is Vital

Benchmarking provides visibility. Without it, it is difficult to see how a program is performing in real terms. KPIs and Service Level Agreements are vital in a clinical environment but taken alone act as a narrow set of parameters that give little visibility over wider performance or cost savings. Forward-looking programs should be providing data on cycle time and bill rates. They should be benchmarking not only within the program itself but against the wider market. Solutions that provide visible benchmarking are more likely to provide value in the long-term.

Tailored to Your Healthcare Business

The best talent solution in the world won’t work if it is not the best solution for your company. A high-value program should take into account your pain points and challenges. It should be built in such a way to meet these challenges head-on. For complex organizations, off the shelf is unlikely to cut it. Talk to suppliers about how a contingent program can flex to your goals and meet your needs.  

Long-Term Solutions over Short-Term Results

When you need clinical or non-clinical support urgently it’s easy to shift into panic mode. Patching holes in staff numbers with expensive temporary solutions. It’s like trying to fix a leak with a band-aid, the relief is only ever going to be short-lived. Instead, a consultative, value-driven approach to contract labor can help healthcare organizations engage with programs that can evolve with them over the long-term. Sometimes, we need to take a step back and say, what can we do to make the system work better for us tomorrow?

Healthcare professionals are some of the most vital people in our workforce, particularly as we face a growing national shortage of doctors and registered nurses. That means we need to think bigger on talent. Promoting holistic approaches and solutions that take a look at the wider challenges that organizations face. Let’s go vendor neutral. Let’s look at total talent management. Let’s build a program that brings real value as well as quality candidates to your door. Hospitals have some of the most sophisticated supply chains in the world when it comes to drugs and medical devices – why not bring this approach to talent?

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