How the Human Cloud Can Help during the Coronavirus Pandemic

How the Human Cloud Can Help during the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Tim Proehm, VP, Digital Product Development, 

Sometime in the last month, our world changed overnight. The Coronavirus pandemic caught the world off-guard and woefully ill-prepared. Sadly, few people on earth will be unaffected by it as we overcome this shared crisis together, though at a safe distance.

Millions have already lost their jobs or been furloughed. Millions more who still have jobs are adjusting to different ways of working. And employers everywhere are embracing more agile business models to meet the challenges of an uncertain future.

What is for sure: We will get through this. It will take a lot of work. And we’ll have to learn to do some things differently. But humans are pretty good at finding new ways to do stuff.

Take the human cloud. Barely even a thing five years ago, the human cloud is where a third of the US workforce made its living in 2019. And because this $130-billion virtual marketplace enables work to get done remotely, it could play an integral role in how we make it through this ordeal by getting people the jobs they need, getting businesses the talent they need, and getting the world back into working order.

It is not without its own challenges, though. The human cloud is the wild west of more than 1800 formats and platforms. It is difficult to navigate and nearly impossible for employers to be sure if they’re getting the best talent for the job. But we’re eager to share a solution from KellyOCG that we think can help put the human cloud to work for us all, and not a moment too soon.

KellyOCG’s aptly named Human Cloud simplifies the entire process, guaranteeing access to highly skilled, niche talent through qualified cloud channels. It aggregates the human cloud, seamlessly integrating with your system, connecting hiring managers and gig workers through a powerful, easy-to-use interface, while KellyOCG brokers all the details between the user and the platform for you.

The situation we are all in right now isn’t easy. It is a hard, strange time. As a talent solutions and staffing company, we are acutely aware of what’s on the line for businesses and workers alike. It’s time to do different. We think the Human Cloud can help.


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