Practical steps to building a diverse workforce with impact

Practical steps to building a diverse workforce with impact

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Diversity and inclusion are mission-critical for organizations around the globe. But how do you go about transforming big goals into tangible actions

For many of us, this means getting comfortable with being uncomfortable. It means asking difficult questions, sparking real conversations, and being brave enough to take a hard look at every element of your people strategy through a diverse lens.

President of KellyOCG Tammy Browning explores how organizations can build diverse workforce strategies with impact – looking beyond talent attraction to the expanding role of analytics and technology in this SIA Staffing Stream blog.

The right tech stack and partner are critical as analytics play an increasing role in achieving your diversity strategy. Our powerful talent management portal, Kelly Helix UX, offers Managed Service Provider (MSP) customers a single point of entry to source, engage and manage talent. It also empowers users with relevant workforce analytics and insights so they can understand the skills and employees they need and can connect with them in a meaningful way.

Learn more about Kelly Helix UX.

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