Practical steps to move your DEI strategy beyond a ‘check the box’ exercise

Practical steps to move your DEI strategy beyond a ‘check the box’ exercise

Originally published by Black Enterprise Magazine on Aug. 10, 2021

The global pandemic upended the workplace and is pushing a record number of people to re-evaluate their jobs and careers in what’s being called ‘the great resignation.’

While business leaders agree this transition is occurring, many struggle to find the right strategies and tools to move their diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) strategies forward.

Tammy Browning, KellyOCG president, revealed to Black Enterprise Magazine key behaviors and best practices of thriving businesses from the KellyOCG Global Workforce Agility Report.

“This past year has put racial, gender, and socioeconomic diversity top of mind for many employers moving it past a “check the box” exercise,” explains Browning. “Savvy organizations know that a diverse workforce makes good business sense. When companies have a complete DEI strategy in place, they understand their customers better and it can improve business performance.”

Browning also discusses actions businesses can implement to put them on par with leading organizations such as evaluating hiring processes and ensuring you’re partnering with the right talent provider to meet your DEI objectives.


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