Talent Tech Rising 2019: A Fresh Look at Digital Progress in Talent

It’s always a pleasure to be part of an industry event that is doing things a little differently. An event that doesn’t play by the rules and embodies the #DitchTheScript mentality that is such a big part of who we are at KellyOCG. Talent Tech Rising was one of those special events, and it was a lot of fun to host a screen during their exclusive cinema session in Leicester Square.

So, what was it all about? Talent Tech Rising is a platform for all things tech in talent. Tech creators come together to shout about what they do through demonstrations on the big screen, with audiences given the power to vote for their favourite solution. The overall winner is crowned Talent Tech Rising Champion. It was my first time attending and I was truly impressed by the energy and participation from the room along with some of the amazing innovation that is going on in talent tech today.

These are some of my highlights from a cinema trip with a difference!


Tech has a reputation for being…well…dry. But there was a real buzz in the air at TTR ’19. It was a diverse crowd of talent professionals, brands, and recruiters, who were all incredibly engaged with learning more about how technology can support the people at the heart of what they do. The solutions were presented with passion and had a start-up mentality and sense of bravery that I think is essential to the future of our industry. The problems being addressed may be ones that have been around for a long time but with such an innovative and meaningful approach, it seems the way is being paved for a brighter and much more user-friendly talent future.  

My Tech Favourites

This is where it gets hard because they were some incredible solutions on the agenda! I have to give a special mention to First Bird who have developed a referral technology solution that transforms employees into brand ambassadors and aims to make referrals a company’s most successful recruitment channel. They had a strong presentation – fun, insightful, people-focused – and they made me want to learn more.

Another strong contender was GeniusATS, who brought their AI-powered cloud ATS to the big screen. They had a clear focus on usability that I think is incredibly important in the applicant journey and demonstrated an impressive one-click application process. It was all about smart usability and I think it really resonated with the audience.

Finally, Arctic Shores provided an ice-cream-themed look inside their technology which made a real impact! They are on a mission to help companies make better people choices through eliminating bias in the hiring process. They are dedicated to transforming the way people think about hiring, using AI, data-driven insights, and gamification to create a new way of connecting people and employers. This feels like an important step forward in the way we think about hiring and they were able to highlight a complex issue in a very accessible way. 

And The Winner is…

Arctic Shores took away the trophy this year and it was a well-deserved victory! Congratulations to the team there who have such passion for the important and groundbreaking work they do. 

I think any event that inspires genuine excitement about where we are going as an industry is a great thing and hope to be back next year to explore the next round of innovation in talent tech. Thanks for having me Talent Tech Rising 2019!