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Sieron Dottin

Vice President of KellyOCG and Global Direct Sourcing



Direct sourcing

Did you know that direct sourcing encompasses 15% of global spend, yet only 29% of large buyers of workforce solutions have implemented this solution today?

Talent today is harder to find and engage than ever, with economists saying, “rapid quitting and hiring is set to continue throughout 2022”. Throughout my 15 years within the recruitment and workforce solutions industry, I’ve found that a challenging market landscape often promotes more unique thinking and solutions. I see this challenge as an opportunity, an opportunity to innovate on the way we source and hire talent for our customers. The evolution of our Direct Sourcing solution isn’t a linear path. Rather, it’s a labyrinth of twists and turns and most importantly, enhancements that improve access to talent, making our clients business run smoother, quicker and impact their business faster!

We are heading into what I’ll call here, Direct Sourcing 3.0 – with a foundation in sourcing AND recruiting, leveraging employer brand along with skillset and regional talent pools to feed our talent communities. Because talent today is harder to find than ever, known talent is not enough, continuing to exponentially add to the community is a must.

Innovators not excavators

We’ve figured out this formula and are leading the market in our approach.

Traditionally, Direct Sourcing solutions have utilized customers’ existing talent (known talent) or talent relationships to build their contingent talent community. But when you only dig into your known talent base, you haven’t fully utilized direct sourcing to its full potential.




You need to think differently to open up access to larger pools of qualified contingent talent, and on top of this ensure you are creating and nurturing a positive talent experience. We’ve figured out this formula and are leading the market in our approach. That’s why our sourcing capabilities are built directly into our solution – building skillset and regional talent pools that feed into our Talent Communities.

It’s a no mess, no fuss solution, giving you access to the talent you need to propel you forward.

Building your talent utopia

An online talent community filled with contingent talent dedicated to your brand and excited to work for you

Building the trust and engaging with talent within your community is the differentiator. When I talk to clients about what talent utopia in Direct Sourcing means to them, they describe an online talent community filled with contingent talent dedicated to their brand and excited to work for them.

Our latest enhancements are focused on talent engagement, hiring specialist recruiters - that we call Engagement Specialists - with domain experience, whose primary objective is to engage and excite talent. Add those Engagement Specialists with tech enabled sourcing models and you can quickly see how our Direct Sourcing solution turbocharges our internal sourcing teams to build talent loyal communities that are more quickly qualified.

Join our journey to talent utopia and see what KellyOCG’s Direct Sourcing can do for you.


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