How can you make sure you choose the right MSP partner?


Aaron Wawman

Business Development Director, EMEA, MSP & Flexible Workforce Solutions

When an organisation is growing fast, it can be tough to keep up with an expanding workforce population. 33% of the executives we surveyed in our 2022 Global Workforce Survey said that weak talent management/recruitment was the biggest barrier to growing their business, while 34% cited poor ability to hire contingent talent.

This means that a great MSP (managed service provider) partner is more important than ever before – empowering leaders to access the right talent, at the right time, and maintain visibility of workers throughout their business. But not every MSP partner will be a good fit for your goals. In this series of quick reads, I look at the ways organisations can start to transform contingent talent strategy – today, I explore how to choose the right workforce experts.

Why not just set up a self-managed programme?

Your boiler breaks down. You can either spend the next two years learning how to be a boiler mechanic. Or you can call in an existing expert to get hot water flowing that afternoon. What do you do? In a fast-growing organisation, leaders often don’t have time to spend years building the internal skills necessary to make a self-managed contingent programme work for them. Working with an expert partner means you can hit the ground faster – our KellyOCG Go MSP gets started right out of the box, with implementation in just eight weeks.

Search for proven experience

You don’t want to work with an MSP partner who is figuring this out as they go along. Look at their experience. Have they worked with global businesses? What are their existing clients saying about them? How are they delivering innovation as well as talent management excellence? You want a partner who is not only going to help you implement an amazing contingent programme today, but someone who can also grow and flex with you as your business evolves. We know a thing or two about this at KellyOCG – we invented the MSP and we haven’t stopped innovating since.

Think about tech

Does the partner you’re looking at have proprietary tech? Is that a good fit for your business? Or do you need an MSP partner help to connect you with a range of technology partners to build a tech stack that really makes sense for you? When it comes to workforce technology, it really isn’t one size fits all, so do a deep dive into your requirements and how a potential partner could meet them.

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