Shine a light on contingent talent with tech


Aaron Wawman

Business Development Director, EMEA, MSP & Flexible Workforce Solutions

In my last blog, I talked about how a strong, contingent talent strategy may be one of the best ways to navigate uncertain times. In this series of short reads, I explore powerful and practical ways organisations and leaders can begin to transform contingent talent strategy. Today, I’m talking visibility, and how technology could help you to see your workforce more clearly.

Visibility is the foundation of contingent strategy

You need to see your talent to understand it – only 32% of the executives we surveyed in our 2022 Global Workforce Report had a clear view of the permanent and contingent talent they need! What’s more, in a competitive talent market you don’t want to be chasing the skills you need around in the dark. The best and most forward-thinking talent technology – and I’d include KellyOCG Go MSP in this category – gives organisations the workforce visibility to understand what workers they need and how to leverage the skills they already have. It may not be a crystal ball, but it’s getting pretty close.

Ditch the spreadsheet – for good

I often speak to organisations (largely scale-ups) who are thinking about investing in workforce tech but – right now – are managing their entire workforce largely in Excel. It’s a little like trying to look at a painting while only being able to examine a couple of pixels at a time; you might get there in the end but it’s difficult to get any real perspective. A spreadsheet may seem cheaper than an MSP investment but ultimately, the lack of visibility and opportunity to realise savings will cost your organisation.

Get your tech stack right first time

There is some incredible VMS technology in the market, and it is a foundational building block of managing and engaging a contingent workforce, but it’s vital to look beyond this to the wider technology stack needed to add real value to your talent strategy. KellyOCG Go MSP uses our Helix UX talent portal to provide an end-to-end experience for hiring managers and leaders, including analytics, applicant tracking, and direct access to Kelly experts.

Technology is the key to fast-forwarding your contingent talent strategy, and with KellyOCG Go MSP, you could deploy a powerful workforce solution in just 8 weeks. Want to know more? Let’s set up a chat.


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