Strengthening Connections Across the KellyOCG EMEA Team


Adelle Harrington

Vice President, EMEA

I’ve been part of the Kelly community for nearly two decades, and I understand the incredible depth of talent, innovation, and commitment to our clients that is present across our organisation in EMEA. It’s a real honour to take my first steps as a senior leader in this region and to continue to champion the great work we do, connecting people with work in ways that enrich their lives. I was asked recently what my vision is as Vice President, KellyOCG EMEA. It’s a big question – and an exciting one as I take my first steps in my new role.

The last few years have been challenging as we – and the clients we serve – moved quickly to react to the challenges of the pandemic and to meet the demands of an incredibly dynamic and competitive talent market. This non-stop responsiveness has seen some siloing of our global teams, and I’m committed to renewing the connective tissue and shared knowledge that strengthens and inspires us. My vision is first and foremost to ensure that all of our brilliant people, wherever they are based and however they work, feel part of our wider team.

From a client perspective, I want to ensure that all of our decades of workforce expertise are consolidated in the programmes and solutions we offer. Many of our clients have been on similar journeys to ours and have seen internal faces change rapidly – often with highly knowledgeable colleagues leaving their businesses – as they adapted to challenging times. It’s crucial that we not only offer the innovative solutions that are needed to tackle constant change but also to ensure we are doing the fundamentals of workforce strategy exceptionally well, providing the solid foundation organisations need to thrive and grow.

Supplier relationships are another key focus area. I want to connect more closely with our suppliers across the region – to better understand their challenges and goals and to partner with them effectively to ensure our clients have access to the best possible talent while giving candidates and workers brilliant experiences. Keep your eyes peeled for an upcoming blog from our supplier relationship expert, Paul Blackborow – it’s certainly worth a closer look!

It’s set to be a busy and exciting few months as we regroup, reassess, and put into motion some big ideas. We’re already doing great things here at KellyOCG EMEA, and I’m excited to see just how much further we can go.


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