We need to stop forgetting about contingent workers


Aaron Wawman

Business Development Director, EMEA, MSP & Flexible Workforce Solutions

Contingent workers have never been a more important part of the talent mix – often accounting for 50% or more of an organisation’s workforce – so why are they so often forgotten when it comes to employee engagement strategies? In this series of short blogs, I examine the ways that business leaders can transform contingent workforce strategy and ensure they have access to the flexible talent they need to grow.

Expectations around contingent talent have changed

Can you afford to ignore contingent worker engagement? Not if you want to compete for the best talent. Recent years have seen attitudes to work evolve. Contingent worker expectations have fundamentally shifted – and organisations must now prioritise physical and mental health for all types of employees. While younger workers are increasingly choosing flexible forms of work that also offer meaningful benefits. But it’s not just workers who gain from this expanding flexible workforce. Leaders who prioritise contingent worker engagement are in a stronger position to run with growth opportunities and navigate uncertain economic times.

Leading businesses are going further, faster

61% of the leaders we surveyed in our recent 2022 Global Workforce Survey offered the same remote/hybrid working policies and benefits to contingent and permanent staff. But when we look at the most successful organisations, Vanguards, it jumps to 80%. Many organisations are (understandably) cautious about extending benefits and perks to their contingent workforce – and although it’s important to be mindful of co-working risks, leaders can’t afford to stick their heads in the sand on this important issue. The workforce is becoming more agile, and those who better understand and respond to contingent worker needs will win out.

KellyOCG Go MSP helps you to engage amazing contingent talent

Our smart, powerful, and superfast MSP solution helps you to see and manage your contingent workforce more clearly and engage great workers faster. We help businesses to create the best mix of vendor-neutral suppliers, engaging the right people at the right price in ways that help organisations and workers thrive.

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