What Does Great UX Mean to Talent Suppliers


Sam Smith

Vice President & Managing Director, EMEA

A great user experience can’t be great for only some users – it has to accommodate the experience of everyone within a process. In my last blog, I talked about putting people firmly at the centre of UX or user experience, but today, I want to focus on a group that often gets overlooked in talent UX – suppliers.

Without suppliers, your Managed Service Provider (MSP) program won’t work; your Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution can’t get off the ground; and nearly every other type of workforce solution you can imagine will fall flat. But despite being firmly integrated into almost all talent processes, suppliers get a bit of a raw deal when it comes to UX. We talk about the candidate experience, the hiring manager experience, and the experience of stakeholders within a client’s business, but suppliers are too often forgotten.

In this blog, I want to get to grips with what great UX means to vendors and how talent organisations can consider their needs when building out processes and systems.

What Do Suppliers Really Want?

Let’s start by thinking about what a great supplier might want from a talent process. What matters to their business and their people?

Intuitive Interface

Like all users, talent suppliers want things to work well. Systems and processes should feel intuitive, streamlined, and clutter-free. The right technology is essential to driving this kind of stress-free UX, and to deliver a great human experience, talent organisations need to invest in a strong technology foundation.

Access to Opportunity

A fancy talent portal is no good if it doesn’t empower suppliers to access opportunities and roles. A great UX for suppliers means providing a reliable mechanism that allows them to do their job really well – connecting great people with great jobs.

Easy Payment

Margins are often tight in recruitment and vendors need to be able to access payment in a timely way and upload their invoices easily. Smooth payment functionality is a must for any talent supplier.

Ability to Build Relationships

When we meet with an organisation to talk about a new solution, one of their biggest concerns is often around retaining access to trusted suppliers. And suppliers are equally passionate about maintaining and building strong relationships with customers. This means the experience for the customer and the vendor can’t exist in separate vacuums; both must have the opportunity to maintain and nurture these relationships.

Poor UX Can Damage Access to the Best Suppliers

When it comes to a talent vendor, yours is probably not the only UX on the table. They are likely to be working on several programs, and this means they have a great view of whose user experience is working well, and whose is, frankly, a bit of a pain. If suppliers consistently struggle to access your platform, view roles, or navigate key functionality, you could quickly slip down the priority list for recruiters.

Embedding Suppliers into Processes Can Produce Great Results

At KellyOCG, we have a fantastic, dedicated talent supplier advocacy and development organisation. We’re really invested in supply chain management as a cornerstone of our outsourced solutions, and we truly believe in our talent suppliers. This means that when we are talking about and building user experience, they are always an important part of the conversation.

Suppliers are the conduit of all the work that needs to get done in nearly every talent solution. They absolutely must have an equitable relationship within the complex client-provider-supplier mix. In other words, their user experience matters, and delivering on UX for vendors is something that talent organisations must prioritise if they want to build successful programs with staying power. If you’d like to find out how we’re delivering on supplier experience or learn more about how we solve all kinds of talent challenges, drop me a line.


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