Achieving a Best-In-Class Global Contingent Talent Strategy


KellyOCG® conducts comprehensive competitive assessment to help leading oil and gas company elevate its global contingent talent program.

A leading oil and gas company was looking to elevate its internally-managed service program (MSP) to a best-in-class global contingent talent program. However, the organization struggled to accurately pinpoint the shortcomings within its program strategy and lacked a comprehensive overview of how it compared to peers, making the desired transformation a challenge.

To overcome these obstacles, the program’s leadership requested that KellyOCG® perform a competitive (and consultative) assessment to measure how the program compared to the contingent talent programs of the enterprise’s peers, as well as identify shortcomings and opportunities for realizing a best-in-class program.

The Company 

As a global leader in the oil and gas vertical, the company was highly invested in deriving maximum use and clear visibility of all its talent.

The Solution

KellyOCG® assessed how the program compared to the competition and made recommendations for achieving a best-in-class program.

The Challenge

The company aimed to elevate its self-managed MSP to a best-in-class global contingent talent program.

The Result

The assessment highlighted areas of focus that would help drive further program adoption, improve visibility, and deliver a best-in-class talent supply chain strategy.


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