BPS Solution for Life Sciences Manufacturer

BPS Solution for Life Sciences Manufacturer

With tight manufacturing and batching schedules, a leading medical device, pharmaceutical, and consumer packaged goods manufacturer faced significant speed-to-delivery and efficiency issues.

Because of high turnover and gaps in Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and other compliance training, the company lacked the necessary scientific and non-scientific workers to conduct vital manufacturing analyses, particularly during the quality assurance phase. This inability to conduct sample analyses further downstream led to loss batches that were costly in both pilot and full-scale manufacturing.

To minimize batch errors and enhance overall efficiency, the organization engaged KellyOCG as its Business and Professional Services (BPS) partner.

The Company

A leading medical device, pharmaceutical, and consumer packaged goods manufacturer within the life sciences industry.

The Challenge

Facing high turnover and a lack of properly trained and managed GMP workers, the company was unable to achieve necessary product quality, manufacturing efficiency, just-in-time raw material management, and FDA compliance.

The Solution

As the company’s BPS partner, KellyOCG took on the management of GMP training and associated processes across multiple US locations, including related manufacturing capacities globally.

The Result

KellyOCG helped the organization’s facilities regain full GMP compliance, reduce turnover and talent costs, and improve overall productivity, while raising the collective competency levels of all workers.

Our Value

  • Deep GMP & industry expertise
  • Change management capabilities to deliver seamless implementation
  • End-to-end management of key manufacturing functions
  • Increased productivity & cost savings
  • Knowledge of regulatory standards & oversight practices
  • Ability to replicate across multiple locations regionally & globally
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