Building a direct sourcing community.

Building a direct sourcing community.

Helping an energy company to curate their access to great talent.

The challenge

A leading energy company (and existing MSP client) asked us to partner with them to create a direct sourcing community with the aim of developing an always-on talent pipeline.

The solution

We developed and implemented a customized and client-branded direct sourcing solution.

The result

We have successfully launched the direct sourcing solution and begun to fill roles—with a 76% shortlisting rate.

Reimagining access to talent.

Direct sourcing is a hot topic in recruitment right now and this client was keen to reap the benefits of direct access to a private community of curated talent. They were particularly focused on tracking interns, silver medalists, and retirees who may be able to bring specific skills back into the organization. We partnered closely with client stakeholders to create a blended direct sourcing community—made up of known and sourced talent. Their long-term goal is to reduce the number of suppliers inside the program and use direct sourcing to fill 25% of roles. Although we are early in the life of this initiative, we are already seeing strong results.

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Personalized and branded direct sourcing community built from the ground up.

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141 area requisitions and 261 submittals.

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76% shortlisting rate.

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Delivers detailed reporting capabilities.

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41% of talent submitted within 24 hours (64% within 48 hours)

Fast access to ready-to-work talent.

One of our client’s key aims was to accelerate access to talent and we have built streamlined processes to help us identify and submit suitable candidates fast. 64% of all the talent we submit is within 48 hours. Our engagement specialists are also constantly adding to the talent pool with high-quality external candidates, enabling our team to respond in an agile way to the organization’s changing needs.

Fully flexible technology.

The industry-leading CRM technology we use to manage the program is highly customizable and designed so that our internal IT team can make adjustments quickly to support the client’s evolving talent goals. This is a huge benefit of the direct sourcing community as we are continuously adjusting and improving our approach. It also powers our detailed reporting capabilities, allowing us to provide our client with visibility across the whole program.

Keeping great talent engaged.

Inside our direct talent community, it’s important that we keep talent warm and engaged. This ensures that great talent stays inside our sourcing pool for longer. We do this by sending monthly newsletters, regular reminders of job openings, and working with individual candidates to ensure their resume and details are up to date.

Focus on our client’s values.

This direct sourcing community is client-branded and we work hard to embed their values and goals into everything we do. We are engaging candidates and potential candidates under their brand umbrella and this helps us to reach people who are a good fit for their organization.

Our value


Supporting talent innovation.


Creating customized solutions.


Able to find talent fast.

Though this direct sourcing community is still young, we are incredibly pleased with the early results. But none of this would be possible without the close collaboration of our client partner and the enthusiasm of our program sponsors. They see the enormous potential of direct sourcing and together, we are working towards a goal of filling 25% of roles through this program in the future.


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