A consultative, specialized CADD solution saves time and cost

A consultative, specialized CADD solution saves time and cost

A leader in the telecom industry saves $1 million by partnering with Kelly® for turnkey CADD services to complete a critical facilities management project.

Our client needed to update CAD drawings for these buildings, their facilities management team didn’t have the capacity to handle the project internally. The client saved $1 million by deploying a turnkey CADD solution from Kelly.

The Company

The client is one of the world’s leading providers of technology, communications, information, and entertainment products and services. They employ 135,000 people in retail locations and other facilities that handle the company’s operations and infrastructure

The Challenge

Leaders from the client’s facilities management team were facing an enormous project. They needed to produce new, updated CAD drawings for all the company’s facilities along the east coast of the U.S. This entire complex of facilities covers more than 1,200 separate locations, including retail stores, sales and administrative offices, operational and infrastructure buildings, warehouses, or service hubs—anywhere the company employs its people.

The Solution

Kelly offers a turnkey solution for CADD services that proved to be a perfect fit for the client’s project. And Kelly has a specialized division, NextGen, with deep expertise and insight into the telecom industry. Combining those resources with the reach and capacity that Kelly brings to scale up, they quickly assembled a team of qualified CAD drafters and engineers. A manager was then assigned to oversee quality throughout delivery of the project as a fully outsourced, outcome-based solution.

The Result

The customer was satisfied with the work product on a detailed level, and with the program’s overall performance. That’s led to a commitment from the client to expand, increasing the program’s geographic scope into roughly twice the number of facilities, and double the square footage to be documented.

Our Value

  • Drove more than $1 million in cost savings
  • Completed CAD drawings for more than 1,200 customer facilities to date
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