Delivering best-in-class payroll outsourcing.

Delivering best-in-class payroll outsourcing.

Beyond payroll outsourcing.

We partnered with a global equipment manufacturer to support their talented retiree workforce.

The challenge

An existing MSP and RPO client was looking for support managing and engaging their knowledgeable retiree population as well as employee referrals and workers who had been through voluntary separation.


The solution

KellyOCG designed and delivered a competitively priced and people-focused payroll outsourcing solution. It provided a simple way to deploy people who had retired, been referred, or undergone voluntary separation while ensuring workers had access to personalized support and resources.

The result

We have increased process efficiencies, reduced talent costs, and provided our client with easy access to a pre-vetted talent community. We’ve also enjoyed positive feedback from the client, reflected in an NPS score for hiring managers of 68%.

Building a knowledgeable talent community.

Our client’s workforce has a strong community feel – with many neighbors, friends, and family working alongside each other. It was very important to the organization that they built a talent pool that felt engaged and connected to their wider workforce and people-focused brand. Our solution not only enabled them to successfully stay connected with great talent outside of their permanent workforce and engage and pay them safely but to access skills quickly and cost-effectively. The program is now over 8 years old and is still delivering impressive results:


Cost savings of 30-40% compared to standard market rates.



68% hiring manager NPS (Net Promoter Score) compared to 9% industry average.


Payroll headcount consistently over 600 workers.



Onboarding support and active engagement throughout an assignment.


Payroll represents approx. 27% of contingent worker population.



Retention of knowledge and skills.

Retaining great talent.

By creating a customized payroll solution that sat inside the client’s MSP, KellyOCG was able to ensure that skills and knowledge – often developed over years and decades – were not lost when an employee retired. We work with each of our client’s retirees to provide them with details of the return to work program and give them the option to be part of it. This empowers the organization to access flexible talent and retirees to access flexible work. By extending this community to include employee referrals and voluntary separations, we have been able to create a deep pool of expert skills and knowledge.

Building trust.

This client has deeply-rooted relationships across its workforce, and we have designed an approach that reflects their heritage and brand. We have built strong relationships with both the MSP team and key stakeholders to anticipate coming needs and shape the talent population appropriately. Our centralized and personable approach is an extension of the organization’s wider people-focused ethos.

Adding value at every step.

Payroll services are just part of what we deliver. As the employer, we support payroll workers in every step of employment, keeping them engaged inside our community, delivering comprehensive onboarding, and providing access to dedicated talent advisors that engage with them through the duration of their assignment. We have also increased process efficiencies by tying all employee referrals to a single storefront entry point and reduced risk by payrolling non-qualifying independent contractors.

Delivering cost savings.

We understand how important it is for organizations to access the right talent at the right price. By building a community of engaged and knowledgeable workers, we help this client to access the expertise they need quickly and at 30 to 40% below industry standard market rates. We have also delivered meaningful cost savings linked to supplier optimization and talent referrals.

Our value


Retaining valuable knowledge and skills.


Engaging contingent talent.


Delivering on cost savings.



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