Delivering winning RPO solutions.

Delivering winning RPO solutions.

Hiring at scale, KellyOCG helped a global engine manufacturer to solve high-volume direct-hiring challenges in the U.S.

The challenge

An existing client faced direct-hiring challenges at a number of key manufacturing facilities in the US. They asked KellyOCG to develop a new RPO solution to help them to hire more effectively at three U.S. sites.

The solution

We brought together a dedicated RPO team to support the client at three key locations, working closely with leadership at each site to understand and overcome the unique barriers they faced.

The result

Our team has been very successful in hiring at volume and ensuring this organization has access to the skills and talent they need to meet their goals. This has been reflected in the expanding scope of our partnership, from 3 sites in 2021 to 23 sites across the U.S. and Canada.

Evolving an existing relationship

We had been partnering with this client for several years on an RPO (recruitment processing outsourcing) solution in Mexico before they approached us with this challenge, so we knew their business well. However, it was still a learning curve getting to know each new site and understanding their unique challenges. A key part of our success has been growing trusted relationships with site leadership and hiring managers, but ultimately, as we have shown what our team can achieve, other locations have been keen to tap into the services and support we provide. Today, we provide RPO support for a range of onsite manufacturing roles—from entry-level positions to more specialized skills alongside roles that serve the client’s customer locations—like service technicians. For this client, quickly filling roles at their manufacturing sites is business-critical and we’re proud of how our team has stepped up to help support organizational goals.


Continuing to expand our RPO support for this organization—including a global contract.



Grown from supporting 3 facilities to 23 in less than a year.


Team of approx. 20 talent acquisition coordinators supporting manufacturing hiring.



500+ hires in the first 3 months.


Providing high-speed support to fill high-volume manufacturing roles.



1600+ hires to date.

Open and collaborative processes

We worked closely with each site to understand the types of roles they needed to fill and the challenges they faced. The KellyOCG team then created processes that enabled each client location to have full visibility over open roles, screening, and interviewing. This means everyone has up-to-date insight into the hiring process and talent currently in the recruitment pipeline. We also developed a triple-confirmation system for interview attendance, which has significantly reduced ‘no shows’. This had been a real issue for the client in the past, with some sites reporting a 40% ‘no-show’ rate.

A human approach

At the center of our approach is people, and we encourage our recruiters to try and forge a connection with the candidates we suppor—even if it’s only a ten-minute call—taking a little time to learn about who someone is and generating excitement around the opportunity we are discussing. This is a powerful way to stoke interest and ensure applicants remain engaged. We’ve also found in-person hiring events to be incredibly impactful for the type of manufacturing talent we are targeting. We use these events to showcase key sites and positions, and are often successful in engaging large numbers of employees from a single event.

Building a winning team

Our talent experts work closely together—and with site leadership—to quickly and efficiently source candidates and fill roles. A culture of support and people truly wanting to show up for each other has accelerated our success. During this initiative, our team has expanded fast, and we’ve seen a huge amount of learning and individual growth into more senior positions. This culture of collaboration and achievement has flowed into our relationships with stakeholders across the business, and we’ve received very positive feedback across the sites we support.

Our value


High-volume direct-hiring support.


Quickly filling critical open roles.


Supportive and collaborative team mentality.


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