Executive Coaching Tied to Strategic Business Shift

Executive Coaching Tied to Strategic Business Shift

Concerned about a shortage of leadership talent to successfully implement their business strategy for 2020, a leading global chemical company builds its pipeline with executive coaching as a critical component for business success.


At the conclusion of a leadership summit, the executive team recognized the need to make leadership development and talent management priorities for the future success of their business. Specifically, they outlined the need to:

  • Incorporate talent management in day-to-day business
  • Forecast the demand for leadership talent
  • Create and communicate transparent and clear leadership criteria
  • Integrate leadership assessment, development, planning, and career management


The company engaged The Ayers Group to collaboratively create a coaching strategy that would be most suitable for the organization and acceptable to the executives. Starting at the top would be critical for enduring success—which was the ultimate goal.


While the initial strategy meeting with the client took place a year before the coaching started, the results are impressive. The first three leaders coached were the CEO, the CHRO, and the CFO. All three were in the U.S. on assignment from the company’s European headquarters—they made their coaching visible to their teams, which helped to elevate the perception.

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