Extending talent reach through recruiter-on-demand.

Extending talent reach through recruiter-on-demand.

Empowering a financial organization to grow fast.

We worked with America’s largest personal installment loan company to provide them with fast and easy access to an expert team of recruiters.

The Challenge

 This financial organization experienced reduced employee numbers during the pandemic and – with 1500 offices across 44 states – needed to ramp up quickly, filling highvolume white-collar roles fast.

The solution

We rolled out a recruiter-on-demand (ROD) team along with sourcing and screening experts to support the client’s internal talent acquisition (TA) function.

The result

We met all initial hiring goals and have continually met the client’s ongoing target of 15 hires per recruiter every month. We have also received multiple internal awards for our support.

Targeted RPO Support

We provided RPO support to this client in the past and they had been incredibly happy with the results. When they were facing recruitment challenges caused by the pandemic they got in touch and asked us to deliver assistance through an ROD model. This meant our recruiters would partner with their internal TA team and act as a direct extension of the function. The client needed to engage around 500 white-collar workers in just 90 days and wanted to expand their recruitment capabilities quickly.

original engagement was for just 7 recruiters over 90 days. We quickly expanded this support to a team of 14 (including sourcing and screening experts) and the length of engagement was extended to over a year.


700+ roles successfully filled.




Each of our recruiters achieves an average of 15 hires per month – with many exceeding this target.




Initial 3-month contract extended to more than a year.



Team extended from 7 recruiters-on-demand to a team of 14 (including screening and Weekly reports provided to the client to ensure sourcing experts).


KellyOCG team members have received 9 internal ‘Shine On’ awards.



Weekly reports provided to the client to ensure sourcing experts). they maintain full visibility of the screening and sourcing portion of the project.


Room to grow

Our client’s talent acquisition team was stretched thin when they initially approached KellyOCG. By plugging in a team of experts who could hit the ground running, we helped to expand their reach and empowered them to focus on areas where they could add the most value. Speed was an important part of this solution and we slotted into their team seamlessly to deliver immediate success.

Filling challenging roles.

 The roles we fill for this client are a mixture of low to mid-level white-collar roles, in both local office and call center environments. The local roles cannot be done remotely and this made them challenging to hire for during the height of the pandemic. By adding sourcing expertise to this solution, we enabled our recruiters to focus quickly on candidates who were a good fit, helping our client to consistently engage the right people.

 Success through partnership.

 Our client stakeholder is amazing, working closely with the whole KellyOCG team to ensure that we have the tools we need to deliver an outstanding ROD solution. This close partnership has been a key factor in our ongoing success and is mirrored in the relationships of our recruiters – each of whom is partnered with an internal recruiter to ensure they understand our client’s goals and ways of working.

Committed brand advocates.

We are proud to act as brand advocates, aligning every part of our approach with the client’s organizational culture and values. We also support our client’s diversity strategy, producing diverse candidate slates that reflect the communities where their business operates.

Our value


Expanding our client’s talent acquisition reach.



Meeting challenging hiring targets.


Becoming trusted partners.



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