Fully customized services support.

Fully customized services support.

Amplifying compliance and visibility, we partnered with a leading US insurer to add targeted value to their supplier management function.

The challenge

A leading US insurer had a robust supplier management function they managed internally, but wanted access to additional expertise, technology capabilities, and insights to further boost their overall program performance and increase compliance and total visibility across their external workforce and service engagements.

The solution

KellyOCG partnered with the client to implement technology and process enhancements, including a vendor management system (VMS), to provide total visibility and compliance across their contingent labor force and to boost their management of service engagements through their lifecycle.

The result

We streamlined processes to drive program efficiencies while delivering data and insights to promote workforce compliance and visibility. We continue to provide the client with detailed analytics to enable them to further optimize their supply base and identify cost savings.

Adding to an ongoing success story.

KellyOCG had an existing relationship with this forward-thinking insurer as an MSP partner, so when they wanted to build on the foundations of their existing (and successful) supplier management program, they turned to our expert team. We leveraged industry-leading VMS tech, insights, and analytics to empower them to amplify compliance and visibility. This highly collaborative and personalized approach meant that the client team could continue to focus on their strengths while adding external value.

This 8-year relationship continues to go from strength to strength:


85% Net Promoter Score (NPS) with year-on-year improvement.



Increased efficiencies – including payment cycle time and milestone approvals.


Provided detailed data to enable supplier optimization.



97% supplier compliance.


Oversees $200M in technical, IT, and professional services spend.



Digitized SOW administration and implemented process automation.

Boosting supplier visibility.

The client organization had strong relationships with their suppliers and was focused on cost management and negotiating rates. However, they identified an opportunity to increase supplier visibility to improve performance and ensure better policy compliance. KellyOCG rolled out industry-leading VMS technology and digitized processes to enable the vendor management team to see their supplier community more clearly and identify opportunities for improvement. We also implemented objective and quantitative supplier scorecarding to help the organization accurately measure performance.

Delivering on data.

This proactive client is always looking to identify efficiencies and opportunities to add value across their third-party engagements. Kelly introduced a team of experts to digitize SOW processes, facilitate onboarding and offboarding, monitor third-party invoicing and performance, and ensure ongoing policy compliance. We carry out regular audits, deliver detailed analytics and market-rate assessments to give them the information they need to optimize their supply base and drive savings. Our team works closely with client stakeholders to identify their priorities and deliver meaningful data. We have also implemented effective resource tracking to provide a holistic view of the organization’s third-party workforce.

A focus on compliance.

Since implementation, supplier compliance has improved year-on-year and now stands at 97%. By enabling the organization to effectively anticipate compliance issues and make active improvements, we ensure that they are getting the most return from the services they engage and can meet their goals faster. KellyOCG also helps the business to ensure that all proposed SOW changes align with contract and organizational requirements.

Our value


Personalized services procurement support.


Boost visibility and compliance.


Identify efficiency and cost savings.


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