Growing supplier diversity.

Growing supplier diversity.

Amplifying diversity inside an MSP program. We partnered with a leading pharma organization to put diversity at the heart of a new MSP program.

The challenge

Despite a global focus on diversity, the client had zero diversity spend inside a master vendor program served by a single supplier. When KellyOCG was chosen to implement a new managed service provider (MSP) program, the organization wanted to amplify diversity as well as access to great talent.

The solution

As part of the MSP implementation, we carried out supplier optimization, bringing in a number of strong diverse suppliers who could successfully engage the skills our client was searching for.

The result

We now have seven high-performing diverse suppliers in our main supplier group (out of a total of ten) alongside a diverse payroll supplier. Since the start of the program, we have increased diversity spend from zero to 57%.

A strong supplier network.

We were able to call on our strong community of diverse suppliers to add strength and expertise to this US-based program. We continue to onboard high-performing diverse suppliers wherever we identify relevant program gaps. This approach has led to impressive results:


Diverse suppliers represent 70% of our main program suppliers.


Partnered with a diverse payroll supplier.


Increased diversity spend to 57%.


Received positive feedback from hiring managers on diverse candidate numbers.


Year on year increase on diversity spend.

Delivering supplier excellence.

Not only has our diverse community of suppliers added to diversity spend for the client’s US organization, but they have also delivered exceptional performance. Our client has been thrilled with the way the new suppliers we have introduced to the program have hit the ground running and been effective in helping them to access great talent quickly.

Diverse suppliers = Diverse candidates

One of the most exciting things about bringing on board so many fantastic diverse suppliers has been the impact on the mix of candidates that hiring managers are seeing. We have received positive feedback from stakeholders across the business saying that our diverse supplier panel has increased the numbers of diverse candidates for a broad mix of roles.

Building on success.

Creating a diverse supplier panel didn’t happen overnight. We have built on the diversity of our supplier mix since the very start and over time we have seen the organization’s diverse supplier spend grow, from just under 11% in 2017 to over 35% in 2018 and more than 55% today. We are incredibly proud of this progress and continue to look for new ways to celebrate and champion diversity across the program.

Our value


Increasing access to diverse suppliers.


Boosting diversity spend.


Delivering supplier excellence.


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