Helping a cloud provider to see their contingent workforce.

Helping a cloud provider to see their contingent workforce.

A global cloud company asked KellyOCG to provide support as part of a technology transformation project. We partnered with the client as consultants, helping them to select a talent technology partner and create policies and processes designed to bring visibility to their large contingent worker population.

At a glance


A leading cloud organization was looking for expert support in choosing a vendor management system (VMS) and designing a framework to enable the rollout of a global contingent talent solution.


We acted as consultants, helping this client to choose the right VMS partner, understand their current state, and to develop a solution and change management process to support their global self-managed program.


We provided technical, strategic, and industry expertise to help the client achieve their goal of “creating a source of truth for nonemployee talent”. This increased visibility has delivered a strong foundation for significant cost savings and efficiencies in the future.


A global cloud company was going through a period of intense technology transformation, which aimed to integrate their VMS, HR, procurement, and finance systems. The client had an in-house managed service provider (MSP) program in place, but (to roll this program out globally) they needed to integrate an external VMS and build out new processes and ways of working. A key goal was for their self-managed, contingent talent program to deliver a clear view of all non-employee workers.

The organization had multiple (and sometimes conflicting) HR and procurement systems in place, which made it complex to source contingent talent and understand where and how contingent workers were providing support. They needed to cut through this complexity to identify the technology, processes, and policies that would help them to build a more efficient way of working. However, they lacked the expertise to identify the right VMS technology and develop a global contingent talent solution design. The business chose KellyOCG to act as an expert consultant to guide them through this transformation process.

“We wanted to create a global strategy for our VMS/MSP program that would align with our technology transformation and be our source of truth for all of our non-employee talent. KellyOCG helped develop a clear global solution design that provided recommendations and best practices around process, policy, operational support, and technology configuration that aligned with our business goals of compliance and visibility.”

– Senior Program Manager, Global Cloud Organization

Our partnership

We started the consultation process with a detailed review of the client’s current state, identifying policy and process gaps, defining worker categories, and analyzing suppliers and spend. These gaps helped us to identify key business needs and develop a detailed global solution design that outlined best practices and processes. We were also able to use this data to advise the client on external VMS providers and recommend a provider that closely matched their needs.

To support the client in integrating this new technology and solution, we built a global roadmap to act as a strategic guide. This guide included a recommended rollout timeline, technology modifications, a change management plan, and a detailed implementation framework. This approach empowered the client to create an industry-leading contingent talent program using a roadmap that was uniquely designed to their needs. Our team remained on hand to consult on change management and governance during the launch phases, ensuring that deployment ran smoothly.

“KellyOCG partnered with a cloud technology company to consult on their MSP solution. We supported VMS selection criteria, recommended appropriate configuration and functionality within the technology, identified gaps in current process, and advised on enhancements to resolve. We also provided rate guidance as well as program governance recommendations. Essentially, we provided A to Z consultation, support, and guidance to ensure the customer was positioned for a best-in-class MSP program.” 

–Monica Parah, Director, Solutions Architect, KellyOCG

Consultation and global roadmap completed in just 12 weeks.


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