High-End Supplier Management

High-End Supplier Management

A pharmacy benefits management company partners with KellyOCG® for an MSP solution with a unique component.

The client provides integrated pharmacy benefit management services that include pharmacy claims processing, prescription home delivery, and specialty drug benefit management. Kelly Outsourcing and Consulting Group (KellyOCG) has worked with the company since 2008 to deliver a suite of innovative workforce solutions. A mutual commitment to shared values has fueled the growth of the partnership, which encompasses as many as 7,000 professionals within a large managed service provider (MSP) program.


  • IT consulting to support a wide range of systems and processes within client operations
  • Assimilation of high-end strategic technical consultants into an existing MSP program
  • Deployment of technology to integrate and report on all supplemental labor within IT


  • Transitioned all activity with high-end IT consulting firms through Fieldglass® VMS tool
  • Coordinated change management between IT consulting firms and client end-users
  • Developed a tiered approach for new requisitions: open, directed, and named


  • Enhanced client’s supplier management of 16 high-end strategic IT consulting firms
  • Customized reporting dashboard with “one source of truth” for key stakeholders
  • Improved visibility into offshore and time-and-materials-based IT project activities
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High End Supplier