Inside a multi-country MSP program.

Inside a multi-country MSP program.

Building a global MSP program. We worked with a leading pharma organization to develop and launch a multi-country MSP program, improving access to talent, boosting contingent visibility, and optimizing processes.

The challenge

A global pharmaceutical organization was looking for support in designing and implementing a global managed service provider (MSP) program across the US and Europe. They were searching for a partner who could deliver on visibility, cost savings, best practice, and access to great talent.

The solution

KellyOCG was chosen as the successful MSP partner, and we worked closely with stakeholders across the business to design a vendor-neutral program that would deliver great value while flexing to meet the needs of multiple geographies.

The result

We have successfully rolled out the global MSP program across the US and multiple countries in Europe. KellyOCG has delivered $31M in cost savings in just 3 years, implemented optimized processes, improved compliance, increased visibility, and grown diversity spend.

Overcoming pain points.

We worked closely with this global life sciences organization to understand their pain points and challenges so that we could develop a solution that responded to their unique needs and goals. We used these findings and our deep experience in building global talent solutions to develop a vendor-neutral MSP program that would allow them to effectively see and manage their contingent workforce across multiple countries. The program has delivered strong results since its launch in 2017, including:


Detailed cross-country analytics and metrics.



Successful rollouts across the US, Switzerland, the UK, Germany, and Austria.


$90M global spend under management.



Increased diversity spend to 57%.


Delivered $31M in cost savings in 3 years.



Optimized processes and improved compliance.

Global collaboration.

Our client is a truly global organization, and it was important they worked with a partner with a similar outlook. KellyOCG’s global reach combined with our local presence and understanding of local markets and labor regulations made us the perfect partner to take on this challenge. We worked with stakeholders across relevant countries to ensure that we delivered a connected MSP program that worked well on a regional level while providing the detailed analytics and efficient processes that the client was searching for. We encountered different obstacles during this complex rollout but overcame them with support from our client partners.

Rethinking ways of working.

Before our partnership, the client had a master-vendor relationship in place in the US, and this meant most of their talent was coming from a single supplier with limited diversity or visibility. We worked with them to reimagine best practice and processes on a global scale. This not only provided consistent ways of working (allowing for local differences in regulations), but it allowed KellyOCG to highlight opportunities for efficiencies and deliver significant cost savings. We also worked with the client to optimize their supplier base, bringing in diverse suppliers to boost their diversity spend and increase access to skills.

Turning up visibility.

It’s crucial that this organization can access detailed analytics across their contingent workforce, wherever workers are based in the world. Through quarterly business reviews, we present detailed global metrics and data, offering insights across the client’s contingent workforce, enabling stakeholders to understand and anticipate hiring trends and potential skills gaps.

An evolving MSP program.

This program never stands still and as our client’s needs change and grow, we move with them. This could be a shift in the type of roles we are helping them to fill, the geographies where they need support, or even the type of analytics they need access to. The KellyOCG team is always looking for new ways to add value and support the organization’s evolving goals.

Our value


Delivering global visibility.


Building customized solutions.


Realizing cost savings and process optimization.


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