Moving faster with the human cloud.

Moving faster with the human cloud.

Supporting our global workforce through KellyOCG’s Human Cloud solution.

Kelly transformed the way we outsourced document translation to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

The Challenge

Kelly needed to quickly translate a critical training document into 12 different languages. We would traditionally use a translation agency but wanted to find a faster solution at a lower cost.

The Solution

KellyOCG, a specialty business unit of Kelly, offers a Human Cloud solution that allowed us to engage freelance talent across all 12 language specialisms.

The Result

The translation project was completed in just 3 business days and delivered significant cost savings.

Connecting with worldwide talent.

 During the deployment of a global training program, it was crucial that materials were accessible to our colleagues around the world. So, when we needed an important data-privacy document translated, we looked for a faster way to access translation services. The solution was to implement our own platform rather then looking to an external supplier. The KellyOCG Human Cloud provides direct access to independent and freelance talent around the world. By plugging into this worldwide community, we were able to access translations more quickly than with a traditional agency while making significant cost savings.


 Translations completed in just 3 business days.


Total project cost of less than $500.


12 freelancers sourced and approved in 24 hours.


Documents validated for accuracy with in-country colleagues and all were correct.

Internal collaboration

Our training project manager and human cloud platform lead worked together to develop a project strategy and effective post to engage freelance talent. The project posting included a description of the task and expected outcomes, while platform functionality allowed our team to select the skills and level of experience necessary to filter potential responses.

Leveraging a digital technology platform

Using our global Human Cloud platform allowed access to the translation talent we needed. All communications with freelancers and payments were made through the platform and it allowed us to see how applicants were rated and what types of projects they had worked on previously. After reviewing bids, freelancers were selected based on their project bid, experience, and ratings for past projects.

Helping the business to move fast

One of the most significant benefits of accessing talent through our Human Cloud was the speed at which we were able to complete this project. The project was posted at the end of the business day in the US on a Thursday with freelancers bidding from around the world through the night. Freelancers were selected on Friday and the project was 100% complete by Monday – meaning the whole process took just three business days.

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