RPO Solution for Fleet Management Company

RPO Solution for Fleet Management Company

The acquisition of a competitive division of a global Fortune 500 company exponentially expanded the footprint of an already large fleet management company.

It was determined that neither legacy organization performed particularly well when it came to talent acquisition and onboarding. For various reasons, the processes were complicated and slow—and created more frustration than satisfaction among managers and candidates.

To support growth and financial synergies – as well as mitigate the business risks of talent gaps - the new organization would need to create leaner, more agile and candidate-centric talent acquisition processes. They turned to KellyOCG for consultative and recruitment support to make it happen.

The Challenge

Both organizations’ legacy processes were forcing the new company into stagnation—creating unforeseen business risks.

The Company

A fleet management solutions company that employs thousands of people across multiple locations in the U.S. recently experienced exponential growth through competitive acquisition.

The Solution

KellyOCG delivered a three-part solution involving short-term recruiting logistics excellence; process and automation efficiency; and rapid response to unanticipated talent surges.

The Result

This resulted in immediate high-performing talent acquisition support for critical business needs and a playbook for long-term process and automation excellence.

The Value

  • Highly consultative approach
  • Deep experience in recruitment logistics
  • Ability to serve short- and long-term hiring goals
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