RPO Solution for Personal Finance Company

RPO Solution for Personal Finance Company

A national personal finance company was feeling the pressure to attract and hire enough agents to fill an upcoming call center training program. Failure to do so could result in the call center being understaffed to the point of losing critical revenue.

With the training deadline quickly approaching, the company needed to source, interview, background check, and hire a significant number of candidates in just a three-week period.

Having suffered from low brand recognition over the years, the organization continually struggled to find engaged candidates who would be a good cultural fit. On top of the time crunch and lack of employer brand, the company didn’t have the in-house resources needed for high-volume hiring—a situation that previously had resulted in lost revenue due to empty seats.

To mitigate this risk, the customer engaged KellyOCG to design an unusual, but effective, talent acquisition process.

The Company

One of the largest personal finance enterprises in the country, the company employs more than 10,000 and serves a customer base of 2.5 million.

The Challenge

The company, which was fighting an uphill battle to attract talent due to a lack of brand recognition and in-house resources, needed to hire 15 new call center agents in a short time frame.

The Solution

KellyOCG developed and executed a mass interview process aimed at shortening the overall recruitment cycle and providing candidates with insights into the company culture.

The Result

The implementation of the mass interviewing process resulted in the hiring of 17 new agents—a fill rate of 113%—all before the training program deadline.

Our Value

  • Capacity for accelerated hiring
  • Specialized call center expertise
  • Ongoing recruitment support
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