RPO Solution for U.S. Disaster Recovery Organization

RPO Solution for U.S. Disaster Recovery Organization

A national emergency can strike at any time, without any notice. To be prepared, the U.S. government’s disaster recovery branch engages thousands of “reservists” to be available on an episodic basis. The ideal reserve talent demonstrates flexibility in how they want to work (e.g. virtual vs. on-site), and possesses the technical skills needed, ranging from engineers, to project managers, to insurance professionals.

The organization realized that, in order to create an adequate reserve pipeline, they would have to tap into a different type of workforce. With the exploding growth of the gig economy, KellyOCG leveraged its supply chain networks to identify and nurture this important talent pool.

The Challenge

Due to the episodic nature of the work, the organization was struggling to attract talent that possessed the right technical skills, while being flexible in their work preferences.

The Company

A U.S. government agency focused on delivering disaster mitigation, preparedness, response, recovery, and more.

The Solution

KellyOCG delivered a customized free agent recruitment strategy involving strategic market recommendations, extensive digital outreach, and innovative online chat technology.

The Result

We successfully reached more than 17,000 potential candidates, exceeded the target for scheduled interviews, and achieved a 45% interview to offer rate.

The Value

  • Deep expertise in the free agent market
  • Extensive knowledge of digital recruitment best practices
  • Ability to leverage the talent supply chain in creative ways
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